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WPRO Rankings - from the Racquetball Blog

Paola Longoria reaffirmed her position as the #1 Women's Professional Racquetball Organization (WPRO) player, when she won the California Open in Canoga Park earlier this month, and the latest WPRO rankings confirm that. Rhonda Rajsich, who was runner-up to Longoria in Canoga Park, remains the #2 player.

However, Kerri Wachtel has moved up into the #3 position ahead of Samantha Salas, who's now missed two consecutive events due to an arm injury. Cristina Amaya has also dropped in the rankings, falling from 6th to 8th.
Adrienne Fisher remains 5th, followed by Krystal Csuk in 6th, Susy Acosta-Mendoza 7th, Amaya 8th, Jennifer Saunders 9th, and Angela Grisar in 10th.

Where's Cheryl Gudinas, former WPRO #1, you ask? She's dropped to 12th, although she did compete in the California Open, which was her first tournament after knee surgery, she lost to Saunders in the Round of 16. In fact, Gudinas is only 0.30 points ahead of T.J. Baumbaugh, who's 13th. It's Gudinas's lowest ranking for almost 20 years.

The next WPRO event is the Mile High Pro-Am in Denver, Colorado, March 8-11, 2012.

WPRO Rankings (January 9, 2012)
Rank - Name - Nationality - Points

1 Paola Longoria (Mexico) 1494.00
2 Rhonda Rajsich (USA) 1360.40
3 Kerri Wachtel (USA) 503.45
4 Samantha Salas (Mexico) 484.30
5 Adrienne Fisher (USA) 455.70
6 Krystal Csuk (USA) 377.60
7 Susy Acosta-Mendoza (Mexico) 371.50
8 Cristina Amaya (Colombia) 366.65
9 Jennifer Saunders (Canada) 337.00
10 Angela Grisar (Chile) 245.00

11 Da'monique Davis (USA) 222.75
12 Cheryl Gudinas (USA) 212.80
13 T.J. Baumbaugh (USA) 212.50
14 Kristen Bellows (USA) 200.90
15 Christie Huczek (Canada) 150.25
16 Linda Scales (USA) 140.00
17 Laura Brandt (USA) 106.50
18 Nancy Enriquez (Mexico) 106.00
19 Aimee Ruiz (USA) 100.00
20 Sharon Jackson (USA) 87.50

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Wednesday, January 18, 2012


The holidays are always a special time for me. I feel it’s a great way to spend more time with family as well as relax from any stressors. I took a break from racquetball and somewhat from work over the holidays to be with family and friends. I feel it re-fueled and re-charged me for the New Year and new goals. My diet however wasn't the greatest.. But hey, it's the holidays.. What do you expect!? :-)

 The second half of the season is looking great! There are 6 stops left for me, I’m feeling healthy and eager to get on the court to learn new things and get better. I feel with each stop, I learn something new. So I fully plan on using every stop to learn as well as develop my game to a higher level.

It's tough to work and play racquetball. As a nurse, I'm fortunate to only working 3 days a week.. However those 12-15 hour shifts are very stressful and my days are especially tough when I wake up 2 hours before to get a workout in, but I've made it work the past year as long as I get enough sleep, eat right, and balance my days and nights I can accomplish doing both.
Goals for the next half of the year are to improve my speed and footwork, improve my mental game and to play hard at every stop. I'd like to make a semi-final this year (something I’ve never done). So I know I need to kick my game and training up a notch to do so. These female athletes are the best in the world and know how to ball! All I want to do is be able to give them a great match to remember.

Sarah Warhaftig - WPRO Media Director

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Open Call for New WPRO Board of Director Members

This is an open call for New WPRO Board of Director applicants, if you are interested in submitting an application for consideration as a Board Member for the WPRO, please fill out the information form. The WPRO offers numerous volunteer opportunities year-round, and we encourage you to become more involved. 

Click to review any one of the documents listed   

About the WPRO

The Women's Professional Racquetball Organization (WPRO) is the governing body for the highest-level professional female racquetball players in the world. The WPRO exists to provide elite female athletes the opportunity to compete on a year round basis in affordable tournaments nationwide.   The WPRO Tour promotes marketing of the organization and other supportive services that best serve the racquetball community. It is currently comprised of elite female athletes representing over a dozen countries including the United States, Mexico, Chile, Canada, Colombia, Japan, Dominican Republic and Venezuela.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Featured Athlete Susy Acosta

The Cake Boss
By:  Sarah Warhaftig

Susy Acosta admits to having a sweet tooth.  When the lefty out of Mexico isn't battling it out on the courts, she is creating some beautiful and tasty cakes for weddings, Quinceaneras (the Mexican culture's version of a Sweet 16), and special occasions-including her own wedding.  Acosta has always enjoyed baking and said, "Well truthfully I enjoy eating my creations even more!" While she has always enjoyed baking, she discovered her creative abilities and decided to create a business, which she still runs today. 

Susy, who has received the nickname "superwoman" for her fearless attitude, has had a successful 2011-2012 season. With already a semi-final appearance in Olympia under her belt, Acosta continues her charge up the rankings on the WPRO.

According to Acosta, though, her greatest feelings of success and accomplishment come from playing for her home country of Mexico.  She feels blessed and proud to have sung the national anthem already a handful of times in her career.  Her proudest moment came in 2003 at the Pan American games, where she and her partner, Rosy Torres, won gold.  Her motivation to win a pro title is still pushing her to train and compete, and it makes hitting the courts everyday so much easier. 

Acosta balances court time with weights, speed training, and her new yoga workout-though she admits to being a total beginner!  Traveling and competing can be exhausting, but Acosta still manages to balance her court time with her other passions while resting in the hotel room.  Just ask her WPRO roommates. Thanks to them, they can tell you when all the reality cooking shows are on. 

When asked about the new look of the tour, Acosta says, "I am really excited and I truly believe this is a new era for our tour."  The media and connection to the world is new and exciting, and Acosta believes this is just the beginning of new and great things.      

An exciting player to watch on the courts, Susy looks forward to many more years of successful racquetball, and ultimately, a pro title would be her "icing on the cake."

Cakes designed by Susy:  

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Longoria wins 2012 California Open ~ by the Racquetball Blog

Paola Longoria won her fourth tournament of the 2011-12 Women's Professional Racquetball Organization (WPRO) season by taking the Coast to Coast California Open in Canoga Park, California, and further solidifying her position as the #1 WPRO player. Longoria defeated a familiar opponent in the final, WPRO #2 Rhonda Rajsich, 12-10, 11-6, 11-7.

Longoria's now won eight of her last nine WPRO matches against Rajsich.

In the first game, it seemed like Rajsich might carry the day, as she held an 8-4 lead. Longoria fought back and took the lead at 9-8, and it looked like that would be it for Rajsich.

However, Rajisch came back and had two game points at 10-9, but she failed to convert them. Rajsich did fight off one game point herself, when Longoria led 11-10, but then Longoria finished the game off.

Both games two and three were close early, at 3-3 and 2-2, respectively, but then Longoria took leads in each game and although Rajsich drew close late in each game, she never tied it, as Longoria went on to take the match in three straight games.

The next WPRO Tier 1 event is the Mile High Pro/Am in Denver, Colorado March 8-11.

2012 Coast to Coast California Open, Canoga Park, California


1 Paola Longoria d. 2 Rhonda Rajsich, 12-10, 11-6, 11-7

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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

For Immediate Release ~ New Year’s Resolution

The week right after New Year’s is always filled with post-holiday blues, large credit card bills, extra pounds and back to work for many!  One group of working professionals though is eager to get back to work on the courts!   The WPRO professionals will kick off the 2012 second half of the season and team up with the IRT to compete in the Coast to Coast California Open in Canoga Park, California.

Canoga Park and the Spectrum Club will host both the best men and women in the game and crown the first champions of the 2012 year!  Event director Debbie Tisinger-Moore will bring back the tours for another year, to one of the nicest and largest racquetball facilities in the country.  It’s a spectators dream to have both tours in town, with a stacked amateur draw to compliment the pro players. 

As many of us enjoyed time with family and festivities, many pro players took the few weeks off to recover and regroup.  Don’t be surprised if it was short lived for many, as the second half of the season is always critical for rankings and the push to end the season at the top.  Improvements in games, conditioning and strategy were on the front burner for the ladies coming off the holiday break.   

It will be a continued battle at the top slot as Longoria continues to play solid ball, Rajsich will have her hands full to knock Longoria out of the lead.  Samantha Salas continues to steady at #3 and a strong second half season could propel her confidence as she seeks to take down the long reigns of both Rhonda and Paola.  Tour veteran Cheryl Gudinas will return to the draw after missing the Arlington stop due to surgery.  A first time semi-finalist in Arlington, Krystal Csuk will be a tough matchup, and consistent ball will keep Kerri Wachtel in the semis as well.  Young guns Cristina Amaya and Da’monique Davis continue to quest to knock off some higher seeds. 

If you are in the area and want to kick off the New Year with some great racquetball head down to the Spectrum Club, tournament information is linked below!  To a new year, a second half of what has been an exciting year, and may it keep rolling. 

Sarah Warhaftig
WPRO Media Director

Monday, January 2, 2012

WPRO Krystal Csuk Appointed as Athlete Rep for the USAR Board

As the Commissioner for the WPRO, I am always pleased to see the pro-athletes support their community and help the advancement of racquetball.

Recently announced, Krystal Csuk has been appointed as an Athlete Representative on the USAR Board of Directors, effective immediately.  

As stated by President Cheryl Kirk:  "Krystal brings valuable experience and perspective to our midst through her education, employment, and racquetball experience.  She also brings the younger athlete’s point of view as a former US Junior Team member."

Way to go Krystal...

Something about KRYSTAL CSUK


Tyler Medical Services

Licensed Physical Therapist (September 2008-present)
Physical Therapy Technician (January 2005-June 2008)


v Current US Team Member - semi-finalist at National Singles
v WPRO Crystal City semi-finalist, Women’s Open Champion
v 2nd place at 2011 National Doubles with partner Cheryl Gudinas
v 2002 Intercollegiate National Champion
v 2002 Baldwin Wallace College National Team Champions
v 2002 Adult U.S. National Team Member
v 4-time U.S. Junior National Team Member
v 2-time Junior National Champion
v Currently #6 on Women’s Professional Racquetball Tour

Northern Illinois University - Master of Physical Therapy (2008)
v    Northern Illinois University - B.S. Health Science (2006)
v   Basic fluency in Spanish